• I had the privilege of working with Christine on career coaching in my quest to transition from B2B marketing to B2C marketing. I came in lacking the confidence to properly convey that I have the desired skillsets and intangibles to make this 180° shift and it was amazing to track my growth and progress after each session. It’s a true testament to Christine that she was able to help me pinpoint the areas where I felt most uncomfortable and ask the right questions to push me over these mental hurdles. I have great respect for her process and passion for unlocking someone’s true potential and would highly recommend her as a coach.

    Jerry, Marketing Director
  • Christine has been my coach for 3 months and I have experienced a true transformation, both personally and professionally. Although I know the transformation is ultimately up to the client, I can say, with confidence, I wouldn’t have experienced the growth without her phenomenal intuitiveness, powerful questions, ability to truly listen to my thoughts and feelings and then articulate what I was feeling, better than I could. As my coaching journey took place, Christine referenced valid information and feedback from previous sessions that led to ongoing breakthroughs. She’s sharp, brings humor and genuine rapport to our relationship-she meets me where I am and guides me to my next level. I finish every session with more clarity, motivation, accountability and direction for all areas of my life because of her excellent leadership and coaching throughout our time together. If you get to be coached by Christine, consider yourself fortunate and prepare to experience tremendous growth.

    Michelle Fonseca, Master Trainer, Rapport Leadership International
  • Christine’s workshop was very informative and was rated highly by the attendees. The subject matter was relevant and generated a lively discussion in our group. Her insights on fixed vs. growth mindsets and neuroplasticity were particularly intriguing. I appreciated that the presentation was interactive, keeping everyone in the room engaged, and that there were practical steps given for implementing what was learned.

    Bryan, President of a CEO think tank
  • Revelatory is probably the best word to describe the way in which Christine helped me during our recent coaching sessions. I was confused about the direction I wanted to take my career and having trouble focusing on my long-term goals. Granted, having several appealing options is a good problem to have, but it's still a problem. Christine helped me get in touch with my core values - the values I want to reflect in my professional as well as my personal life - and that was the tipping point for me. I can now see my goals with clarity, commitment, and excitement and I have Christine to thank for that.

    Greg Gulledge, CBA, Business Architect
  • Working with Christine has been a truly transformational experience for me--I came in frustrated with the people I was working with, my career path I had been on for the last decade, and was not sure what to do next. When I looked to the next job in my path I saw temporary relief, followed by the same recurring issues.  Today I am now on a much more fulfilling career trajectory (a complete change at that!), I have an outlook of opportunity, and am better equipped to deal with negative people. I had no idea how dramatically my values had changed and how this was leading to the issues I was encountering. I am a happier and more confident individual as a direct result of these sessions.  Christine’s extensive background in the business world and career coaching, coupled with her kind and heart-warming personality, made her the perfect fit for getting me through this hump. If you (or your team) are experiencing issues with colleagues and want to develop tools for more positive interactions, or need to determine if it is time to move-on and are looking to figure out next steps, Christine is your girl! I can’t say enough kind things about her and would recommend her without hesitation. I’m so glad I came across her and gave up the “you can do it on your own” mentality! Thanks Christine!

    Chris, Graduate Student, Consultant
  • Christine has proven to be an excellent coach. Throughout our sessions, Christine guided me to reflect on my practice by asking targeted questions that allowed me to clarify my career and personal goals as well as pathways to achieve them. During these sessions, she would listen closely to my thoughts, asking additional questions and reflecting back what she heard in order to support me in my process. She was thoughtful, timely and knowledgeable in her guidance and support. Her vast experience in sales was especially helpful to me as I explore this avenue in my own career. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a better understanding of what they want from their career and how to healthfully balance personal goals with career goals.

    Erin Koning, Account Executive, Scholastic
  • Christine’s presentation to my office/staff was classic. Having directed and managed many such events in the private sector myself, I appreciated her knowledge of the subject matter and was very impressed with both the delivery and content of Christine’s presentation. My employees were enthusiastic and continued to discuss what they had learned weeks afterward.

    Dan, Managing Partner at a law firm
  • I recently worked with Christine Allee and found it to be a very useful experience. I was particularly interested in improving my time management skills. I was able to develop a system with Christine's help that has enabled me to be much more productive than I was previously. I also have learned to change my mindset around difficult issues that arise and use positive energy to deal with challenges. I would highly recommend Christine as an executive coach.

    Patricia Neuray, Co-Founder at Tangelo Media
  • I have known Christine for over 20 years and just had the privilege of having my 1st two coaching sessions with her. Christine is a true professional and made me feel at ease opening up and expressing my concerns regarding what I was looking to achieve in a safe environment. She walked me through the whole process and asked the correct probing questions to guide me in the right direction. Her past work experience is very valuable when relating and addressing my goals. Christine brings her knowledge and passion for helping others to every session and is truly one of the best. Christine has my highest recommendation for anyone looking for an extremely passionate coach whose sole purpose is to better the individuals she coaches.

    Lisa Slutz, Dynamic Universal Service Executive
  • I had the great pleasure of working with Christine to help implement and strengthen my professional stance. Her ability to listen, strategize, and bring about a new mindset to your challenges are bar-none. I highly recommend Christine to help you strive towards your goals!

    Janice Monteith, Project Manager
  • I have nothing but positive praise for Christine and her coaching process. She helped me identify the roadblocks that were holding me back from achieving my career goals. Now that I can see those obstacles she also helped me develop the tools to address them and overcome them. Working with her was worth the time and commitment.

    Staci Baker, Executive Director, CIMA
  • Christine helped me gain valuable insight into my time management and space organization style through our coaching sessions. I appreciated her clear explanation of expectations for each session, use of thought-provoking questions, and good active listening skills as shown by her concise summaries of our discussions and action items. I've known Christine for many years and have always felt at ease during our conversations, but her professionalism and care really shone through during our coaching meetings. I would highly recommend her for anyone interested in receiving objective guidance on how to practically achieve a goal or improve a life skill.

    Suzette Tay Lee, Community Outreach Specialist (APEX Direct, Inc.) and U.S. Teams Coordinator (Hands at Work in Africa)